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Students for Life Responds to Teen Vogue

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A couple of weeks ago, Teen Vogue put out an article (is a slideshow really an article? I dunno) titled “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion” which lays out a handful of gift ideas to get your friend who has recently had an abortion. They suggest things like movies, some special underwear, poetry, needlepoint embroidery, coloring books, and chocolate. When I first saw it, I dismissed it as yet another article that simply assumes that abortion is a morally inconsequential surgical procedure, so I chocked it up to being not worth engaging.

Plus, the article is in Teen Vogue. They basically talk about nothing but celebrity gossip and fashion tips. And as an almost 30 year old man, I don’t think I could be less interested in that or further from their target audience. But their target audience has read it, and many of them don’t adhere to the default pro-choice perspective. Allow me to introduce you to Autumn, of Students for Life.
She’s a 16 year old girl, so Teen Vogue was essentially talking to her with this article. And Autumn recognizes it for what it is. As she says in the video, “The point of the article was to make the situation seem as light hearted and nonchalant as possible in order to convince girls my age that abortion is not big deal. We need to clarify one thing. Abortion is a big deal”

Here is Autumn:

I know this post might be considered “late” in the internet realm of immediate responding, but that’s ok. If you haven’t seen this video yet, now you have. And if you have seen it, watch it again and modify the way you respond to certain people based on how she’s responded to Teen Vogue. I tend to take a much more philosophical approach and remove any language of being offended for the sake of dealing with the academic issues. But this issue is far more than merely academic. It is a real, visceral problem in our society. People need to treat abortion like the thing that it is: The loss of an innocent, defenseless human life that has done nothing except exist, and is punished for existing.

It needs to end.
Students for Life is one branch of the end of abortion. “If you know someone who has had an abortion, don’t buy them a gag gift and disguise it as a celebration,” says Autumn. “Treat it for what it is. A terrible loss.”
This confirms that the millennial generation is The Pro Life Generation.