Episode 11 – Is the Unborn Biologically Human?

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Not much of a show notes page for this one, but there are a few links that I want to include:

My post at Is the Unborn a Biological Human Being?

Democrats Adopt National Platform Forcing Americans to Pay for Free Abortions

Texas Observer’s interview with Cecile Richards

Hillary Clinton’s Pro-Abortion Nightmare

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Episode 10 – Aborted Fetal Tissue/Cells used in Scientific Research & Vaccines

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iTunes LogoThanks for being patient with me over the last month of no episodes. The birth of Cole Thompson has altered my schedule a bit.
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For this (extra long) episode, we have a double whammy. We discuss the ethical use of cell cultures obtained from aborted fetuses, and a bit about the whole vaccines controversy. Enjoy

Episode 5: Why You Should Genetically Engineer Your Children

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Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 5! I would like to deviate from the abortion topic and dive into bioethics in general every 5 episodes. And because this is episode 5, it is the first deviation from abortion specifically. I talk a little bit about embryonic stem cell lines in this episode, and will be talking about that in a future episode. Let me know what you think! Should we genetically engineer our children?