Ep 36 – Being Comfortable with Controversy

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Hello friends!

I’ve got something a little different for you today, I hope you like it. Many people are uncomfortable with controversial conversations, and I hope to change that. I want people to be comfortable with controversy so that we can have productive conversations on issues like (but not limited to) abortion.

The three articles I read in this episode:

Links to things on the backfire effect:

Announcement! I am working on my first book, tentatively titled “Comfortable With Controversy – How to Talk to Your Friends and Family about Politics and Religion”. If you want to be a part of the group of people who get a free copy of the book before it is released, send me an email at

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Episode 3: Trotting Out The Toddler

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Thanks for joining me for the Fetal Position, episode 3! In this episode, we discuss one of the common pro-life discussion tactics, trotting out the toddler. Trotting out the toddler is when you replace the unborn child with a 2-year-old in the conversation with the goal to move towards the most important question in the discussion: What is the unborn?

Here are the important links that I discuss in this episode:

Trotting Out The Toddler at

Trotting Out The Toddler from Greg Koukl

Persuasive ProLife by Trent Horn

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Episode 2: How to Create Productive Dialogue

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In episode 2 (link to iTunes here), we discuss how to create a productive dialogue on controversial topics; abortion in particular. Tips include how to not be weird, maintaining intellectual integrity, avoiding trolls, and others.

Links & more information from Episode 2:

Private Facebook group

Dave Sterrett
Aborting Aristotle

This American Life
For Your Reconsideration

Josh Brahm
Equal Rights Institute
Life Report Podcast
Video of Josh talking about how to have productive pro-life discussions

List of tips:

  1. Don’t be weird!
  2. Maintain intellectual integrity
    • Know your stuff & your opponents’ stuff
    • Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”
  3. Finding common ground
  4. Listening to understand rather than just waiting for your chance to talk
  5. Treating everyone like they’re a valuable human being
  6. Have open-mindedness & being genuinely humble
  7. Bonus! Know your trolls

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A Defense of Abortion by David Boonin (for a possible book study? maybe?)