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Ep 26 – Should Pro-Choicers Be Willing to Perform Abortions? & “Thinking It Through”

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Hello friends! Thanks for listening to the Fetal Position podcast!
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In this episode, I discuss a potentially new argument against abortion that says “If you support abortion, why does seeing it make you so angry?” where I conclude that it isn’t an argument we ought to use. I think it has potential, but it needs to be fleshed out more.

I also toss in some clips from a podcast I was on in December called “Thinking It Through” with Jerome Danner. I had an awesome time discussing this pro-choice article with him. To listen to that episode, click here! It’s not the most amazing article, but it does argue in a way that many pro-choicers argue for their position.

Thanks again for listening!
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Talk to you on Sunday, March 11th, when I go live for the first time at 2:30EST.

Guest Appearance on Thinking It Through w/ Jerome Danner

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Hello my friends!
So… I’ve failed you! I was on a couple of podcasts and totally forgot to promote them here.

But hey! You know what?
Better late than never I suppose. I’ve never questioned that saying because it helps me. Lol

Anyway, I was on Thinking It Through with my buddy Jerome Danner at the end of December, and you can find that episode… HERE!

Jerome has all of the links to the things we discussed on his page, so head on over there and listen to us tear apart an article, and then address some silly pro-choice memes 🙂


A Clear Lens Podcast – Elijah’s Blog

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Hey! So I was a guest on A Clear Lens podcast this last week, and it was a lot of fun.
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cropped-cropped-acl-header-for-website-2-e14326951544161I got a chance to play in one of their games (I got completely destroyed; didn’t answer a single question correctly), and they had a chance to ask as many questions as they could think of and stuff it all into just over an hour and a half.
The title of the episode is Abortion & the Presidential Candidates with Elijah Thompson, and the main focus of the conversation was where the national election and abortion meet. As many followers of the Fetal Position podcast know, I’ve been going through a mini-series on that topic, so the conversation I had with the guys at A Clear Lens was abbreviated, but very packed full of information, including stuff on the supreme court justices (which isn’t something I covered on my show).
A Clear Lens is one of my favorite podcasts, and I had a gr8 time with them. And I was on after the following guests:
Mary Jo Sharpe, Holly Ordway, Brian Godawa, Craig Hazen, Greg Koukl, David Wood, and J. Warner Wallace. Needless to say, I am very glad for their contribution to the apologetics world and I am excited to have been a guest on their show.

Definitely check out A Clear Lens.
And after you listen to this episode, listen to all of the rest! You won’t regret it 🙂

Theology Mixer Radio – Fetal Position Discussion

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I have another announcement! I was on another podcast with Jeremy Lundmark; this time it was Theology Mixer Radio. We had a really good discussion on the upcoming launch of The Fetal Position, as well as some details regarding abortion and other related issues.
Click here to check it out! I had a great time 🙂

After The Sermon Podcast – Fetal Position Prelaunch Interview

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I just wanted to let you guys know that I was a guest on the After The Sermon podcast discussing the launch of the Fetal Position podcast! I was the #uncredible guest on episode 38. Click here to go to his website and take a listen!
My segment begins around 38 minutes, but listen to the whole thing cuz its great.

Stay tuned for the launch of the podcast and the next Theology Mixer Radio episode where I discuss things in a little more detail.