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Ep 23 – New Wave Feminism with Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa

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Super excited to have Destiny (founder of the New Wave Feminists) on the show. In this episode, we chat about feminism (why women are superheroes, but that doesn’t mean men suck), what “new wave” feminism is, the NWF’s approach to the pro-life issue, and the women’s march on washington.

Thanks again to Destiny for coming on the show!

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What We Can Learn from MTVNews’ Racism

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MTV News recently posted a video where a bunch of uninformed, poorly-dressed young people are on a rant about white men, suggesting a variety of ways that this despicable class of people might improve their lives in 2017. You can watch the video here.

Edit: Alright so it looks like they took it down again.
Here’s my upload of the video.

You may think, “LOL is MTV really that oblivious to the world that they would think this is a worthwhile video to make a publish?” Well, MTV News ended up getting basically nothing but negative comments on the video all across social media, so the admins took the video down off of facebook and youtube. I managed to snag the video off of twitter before they deleted it, but they never ended up deleting it. They did repost the video, but with the update: “This video was reposted on Tuesday, December 20 with updated graphic elements” (which was believed by absolutely nobody).

Just speculating here, but my guess is that the video was taken down due to the negative feedback, but the PR team stopped it from being removed everywhere and needed a new reason to post it back up, so that the internet wouldn’t blow up because of their actions. Did they really expect anyone to believe that they reposted it because of the desire for some updated graphics?
I know you haven’t been relevant since the late 80s, but welcome to the internet MTV. You can’t post something hilariously racist, take it down, and expect people not to notice.
There have been a handful of funny responses, so I’m not going to respond to the individual points here. That’s for other people to do. What I want to do is focus on something different.

That is the problem of creating your own intellectual bubble, as MTVnews obviously has.
Its something that I’m calling reverse narrowcasting. It’s like creating an ideological echo chamber.

Narrowcasting is a term used in marketing circles that refers to where you send a particular message. If you’re selling product X, and males between the age of 30 and 45 are the likely buyer (maybe it’s a grill or something), you don’t want to waste advertising dollars sending ads for X out to 15 year old girls creating homoerotic fantasies about Obama and Biden on Tumblr.
You want to send it to a particular audience. That is narrowcasting, or target marketing.

Facebook essentially allows you to place yourself in your own category based on what you like and share; a category that makes it very easy to identify you in a particular category so that advertisers (and facebook itself) can send you targeted ads and content. You can mess around in your settings to see where you’ve been placed, if you want. Its in your settings somewhere.

But here’s my point.
As people attempting to be as objective as possible, it is our duty to avoid placing ourselves in an ideological bubble. Yes, it can be tempting to find a group of people who agree with you on everything and where a taxation is theft comment will get 53 likes, but please… avoid reverse narrowcasting. Engage with people with opposite views. Do your best to understand where they’re coming from.
Not everyone who disagrees with you is a backwards hillbilly racist bigot teapartier or an ignorant snowflake self-obsessed communist. Some are. Ooohh yes, some are. But #NotAll.

If you were genuinely surprised that Trump got so much of the popular vote, congratulations. I know how to cure you. It’ll be tough, but you have to get out of your ideological echo chamber and start engaging with real people who have real ideas. The same goes for all of you who thought no one would support a socialist like Bernie Sanders.
If you can’t answer the question “why does my opponent believe the way that he does?” without defaulting to “probably because he’s an uneducated fool”, you need to end the reverse narrowcasting immediately.

Bring back intellectual integrity.


Ep 19 – Are Obama & Pence Funding Planned Parenthood?

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Can Obama really fund Planned Parenthood permanently? And why has Mike Pence been donating to Planned Parenthood?cropped-FP_Logo1.png
Welcome to the Fetal Position, episode 19. We’ll be discussing the answers to these questions, as well as a bit of post-election commentary about the electoral college.

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Ep 18 – Could a Trump Presidency Hurt the Pro-Life Movement? Rich Poupard Interview

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FP_Logo1Hi everyone!
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Thanks for joining me for this episode of the Fetal Position podcast. In this episode, I interview Rich Poupard about some recent thoughts he put on his facebook page (which I turned into a guest post here at the Fetal Position, click here for that).

I hope you enjoy the interview!
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