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There’s a youtube channel that has been promoting voting “if you care about your future” called VoteYourFuture. Generally speaking, they tend to lean left but that’s their prerogative. They can send a biased message if they want; we all do it.

In this video, Olivia Wilde says that she is voting because she cares about reproductive rights. Check it out:


She cares about “everyone’s right to plan when to have a family”
She cares about being able to “decide exactly how and when and why and where [she] wants to have a baby”
She believes that this is “a basic human right”

I wish videos like this would give us more to interact with, but sadly… there’s not much by way of substance here. And actually, there isn’t really much by way of disagreement. After all, if we’re just talking about basic things like the right to live your life as you see fit, and to not be forced to have children… what kind of monster would disagree with that?

However, she isn’t talking about the right to conceive whenever you want.
She is talking about the “right” to end a pregnancy. She is talking about the “right” to kill a defenseless child in the womb.

I hate to break it to you,  Ms Wilde, but the right to kill your offspring isn’t a right that anyone actually has.
You have the right to plan when to have a family. You have the right to decide the details about childbirth. You have this basic human right.
But you do not have the right to violate someone else’s basic human right, the right to not be killed.
You never had that right.
You still don’t have that right.
That isn’t a right that people can have, even if a judge says that you have that right.
You simply do not have the right to violate someone else’s natural right to life.

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