Episode 5: Why You Should Genetically Engineer Your Children

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Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 5! I would like to deviate from the abortion topic and dive into bioethics in general every 5 episodes. And because this is episode 5, it is the first deviation from abortion specifically. I talk a little bit about embryonic stem cell lines in this episode, and will be talking about that in a future episode. Let me know what you think! Should we genetically engineer our children?


One thought on “Episode 5: Why You Should Genetically Engineer Your Children

    Nathan Glazebrook said:
    June 21, 2017 at 15:37

    The idea of “giving a child the best life possible” assumes one primary fact: namely that we know (have full or adequate knowledge) of what a “best life” actually is. I think It also assumes that those with disabilities and diseases ought not exist and/or possess inferior existences. This would seem to fit into the category of concern you ID’d as “playing God”. Can we really say that we know enough about humanity, God, morality and how events play out to better the human race or glorify God, to then engineer human beings’ essential physical/mental makeup. I think to do so would be us grabbing hold of the temptation, “then you will be as God, knowing good and evil” with both hands. What do you think?

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