Ep 25 – Why Should We Defund Planned Parenthood?

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Hello friends! Thanks for listening to The Fetal Position podcast and coming to the show-notes page for episode 25! If you haven’t listened to it yet, click this link: http://thefetalposition.libsyn.com/ep-25-why-should-we-defund-planned-parenthood

So why should we defund planned parenthood?

  1. Why should we fund it?
    • The person wanting to fund a private organization bears the burden to show why tax dollars should go there. Where in the Constitution does it give the government power to use money for this?
  2. Defund everything!
    • The government shouldn’t be choosing winners and losers, and shouldn’t be supporting failing businesses. Market manipulation is bad.
    • If a business cannot support itself, that means the business is running inefficiently. To quote Ron Swanson, “the government should not prop up a failed business. That would be like giving food to a mortally wounded animal instead of slitting its throat and properly utilizing its meat and pelt”
  3. If you don’t use their services, why should you have to pay them?
  4. Current law (the Hyde Amendment) says that taxpayer dollars shouldn’t pay for abortions.
    • Contrary to popular claim, tax dollars do go towards abortion. Maybe not on paper, but money is fungible. $100 in taxes means $100 of non-tax dollars is freed up for abortions.
    • Even if the Hyde Amendment didn’t exist, we still should not force people to pay for things they are morally opposed to.
  5. They claim “abortion is only 3% of what we do”, yet they refuse to stop performing abortions in order to retain government funding.
  6. Although they say they offer prenatal care, very few locations actually offer anything other than pathways to termination. They do less than 1% of the nation’s pap tests, less than 2% of the nation’s breast exams, and no mammograms.
    • Because abortion is legal, I’m not objecting to an organization specializing in abortion… but if we’re going to offer government funds to an organization, we should offer it to an organization that does more than merely recommend abortions.
    • I don’t want the government subsidizing a failing business that does less than other more robust women’s health clinics.
  7. If we shut the doors of every planned parenthood, they could be easily replaced by more comprehensive women’s health clinics. But very few people are advocating shutting their doors; merely defunding them. If that means they get shut down, so be it.
  8. Planned Parenthood does not need taxpayer funds to survive. Here’s a link to their annual report.
    • 697.1 million in non government funds
    • 528.4 million in government funds
      • NPR says “That totals more than 40 percent of Planned Parenthood’s total $1.3 billion in revenue for the year, which suggests that the organization would be in some heavy financial trouble without that public funding.”

That concludes this episode! Look forward to the next several episodes where I highlight some things from a recent interview on another podcast, go into some detail about a violinist analogy that I made that I might be calling Thompson’s Fiddler (or possibly Fiddler in the Womb).

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