Ep 24 – Overseas Abortion Funding & Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

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Welcome to the Fetal Position, episode 24! (Click here to listen to the show in a new window)

In this episode, I discuss the Mexico City Policy (aka the ‘global gag rule’) and DJ Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch. Here are the links I talked about during the show:

Abortion funding:

Trump’s executive order is a good thing for 2 reasons. First, because it shows that we don’t want to fund abortion. Second, because it allows us to keep our money here. I wish it was given back to the people but that’s not going to happen cuz once government has your money, they’re not going to give it back. I do, however, wish this wasn’t an executive order that can be easily overturned by the next president’s executive order.

Trump’s SCOTUS pick: Neil Gorsuch!

  • Reason – Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
    • “On the hot-button issue of abortion, Gorsuch’s judicial record is quiet. But in his 2006 book The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, he did seemingly point in an anti-abortion direction, rejecting the case for legalizing assisted suicide on the grounds that “human life is fundamentally and inherently valuable, and the taking of human life by private persons is always wrong.” Gorsuch also rejected the “libertarian case for assisted suicide” because, he argued, “faithful adherence to libertarian theory” would also justify the legalization of “mass suicide pacts…duels, and the sale of one’s life (not to mention the use of now illegal drugs, prostitution, or the sale of one’s organs).”
  • FiveThirtyEight – Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch, A Scalia Clone, For The Supreme Court (see image to the right for a look at where Gorsuch stands in relation to other SCOTUS judges)


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