Ep 22 – Intro to Logic with Dr. Tyler McNabb

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Hi everyone! In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Tyler McNabb. Tyler is a philosophy professor at Houston Baptist University, and is here to give us an overview of basic logic. To listen to this episode in a new window, click here!

Tyler and I cover deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning, as well as logical fallacies like ad hominem, appeal to emotion, circular reasoning, appeal to authority, and others. This may be a little more basic to many of the listeners of this show, but a refresher course is never a bad thing when it comes to thinking clearly. And I remember when I was first introduced to logic, I would have loved a quick overview. Plus, all pro-lifers ought to be known by our ability to think critically and logically!

For an overview of a variety of fallacies, I suggest visiting YourLogicalFallacyIs.com

I hope you enjoyed this logic primer from Tyler. To contact him, visit TylerDaltonMcNabb.com or email him at TylerDaltonMcNabb@gmail.com.

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