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Tomlinson & the Burning Fertility Clinic

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Hello friends! As you have likely heard, writer Patrick Tomlinson tweeted out a slightly dramatized version of the “burning research lab” thought experiment, and (for whatever reason) it went somewhat viral and now everyone thinks this is some kind of devastating analogy that absolutely destroys the pro-life position on abortion.

Here’s a link to the first tweet in the chunk (click to to read the whole thing):

The horror!

The problem is, this analogy has been refuted countless times by people well before Tomlinson tweeted it, and hundreds more times since. But it doesn’t stop “news” outlets like LADBible and Salon from featuring Tomlinson, as if he invented this analogy or something.

Usually, I’d just post a response article (like this one or this one or this one or hundreds of others) and leave it at that, but I guess a mere response article won’t do nowadays because the internet has become a place where everyone actively searches for their biases to be confirmed, and who needs to be challenged to change their beliefs, right? It turns out, Tomlinson is also really good at confirmation bias, because he has been blocking people who show the stupid analogy for what it is; nonsense. He blocked Ben Shapiro, which is how I found out about him.
So I made a meme (cuz that’s what I do over at DPLM), tweeted it, and tagged Tomlinson.

In response, he called me “desperate” because making fun of him in meme format is desperate I guess? lol

and then told me that he doesn’t block everyone, just those who “acts the fool”.

So I asked if he is interested in engaging me on the subject.

He never responded to that.
However, he did respond to some other things.

Someone else asked if Tomlinson would save 1000 comatose people or a 5 year old…

… and he said that he would save 1000 people in comas.
As would I. But this still doesn’t justify abortion or the analogy in any way. And I do my best to flesh out why the analogy doesn’t prove what he (and those who think like him) think it does.

Obviously not, and he would never admit such a thing. But that’s what he is trying to get us to conclude with “his” analogy.

It’s true. 1000 comatose patients and 1 5-year-old are not equivalent.
But again, this doesn’t do anything to remove the inherent moral worth of the 5-year-old. I try to explain that to him:

… and he didn’t respond to what I said with anything even remotely coherent. He just responded with a gif saying that I’m missing the point.

So then I tried to get him to explain the point that I missed.

… and apparently he didn’t want to clarify what point I missed.

… and that’s when he told me to “read the fucking thread” and blocked me.

Which is ironic, because I was actually not “acting a fool” at all, but really doing my best to engage with the argument. He didn’t block me when I made a meme (which is arguably “acting a fool”) and decided to block me when I showed his analogy to be silly.

Thanks for confirming the meme, buddy.

I guess any argument is invincible if you ignore those who refute it.
If you’re curious as to how to refute the argument (outside of what I said to Tomlinson), visit the links I provided above. They’re great.

Or look at some of the resources in the comments under this Facebook post!

Or watch Ben Shapiro beat him up a bit on his show, here:



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I’ve been interacting and studying modern American liberalism/progressivism for a few years, and I’ve been writing down some of their contradicting viewpoints. I’ve tweeted them out with the hashtag #ProgressiveContradictions, and feel free to add to the list. I have a feeling this will be an ever-growing list. I didn’t start the hashtag, but I did help expand it.

If you are not a “progressive”, I think you’ll find many of them amusing. If you are, consider this a bit of encouragement to be more consistent in your views.


Please help me add to this list by tweeting something with the #ProgressiveContradictions hashtag. I’ll check back now and again to add it to this list.

Happy Apologetics Day!

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There seems to be an “international day of” everything, so what better day could there be for an apologetics day, other than 3.15?

As 1 Peter 3:15 says, “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect…”

Yes I know it’s also the ides of march, but the rational defense of the Christian faith is way cooler than the day Julius Caesar was stabbed in a Shakespearean play.

If you’re interested in the rational defense of the Christian faith, there are a ton of resources I can point you to. My own personal work on this subject can be found over at TheologyMix, but there are a ton of other great resources for your apologetics needs. Here are only a handful:

Do you have a favorite apologetics speaker/organization that I didn’t mention here? Toss it in the comments! 🙂

My Racially Focused Conversation with a Black Woman at Court

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I was paying a ticket during yesterday’s particularly windy day and a black woman was at the court paying her ticket too. I overheard her talking to the clerk behind the glass and saying, “yeah let’s just pay the whole thing. I don’t wanna have to come back here again. I like to avoid this place as much as I can”
*points at her face*… and in a playful, bantery tone, she says:
“My name is Jessica, which sounds like a white girl’s name, nobody expects to see skin this dark when they see Jessica on a job application! And we tend to steer clear of the police, if you know what I mean!”

So I laugh a bit and say, “yea, my name is Elijah. People don’t typically expect to see a pasty white dude when they see that name”

She laughs heartily and says, “ELIJAH? Yeah I would expect some darker Muslim man or something hahahahaha”

(I should have told her that one of my son Micah’s middle names is Ravi. She would have loved that!)

I should probably include a photo of the wind-proof poof

As our cards were being processed, she looks over at me and says, “were you surviving outside today in that wind?”
– yeah, I was outside at work. I survived I think.
– “Really? You were outside today? And your hair still looks like that?”
– hahaha yea, although I did straighten it out after walking inside.
– “are you serious? what do you put in there? It doesn’t look crispy or anything”
– just some Axe stuff I found at target
– “can I touch it?”
– haha ok, sure
– *lightly touching the top* “oh that’s nice. Mind if I run my fingers through it?”
– nope, not at all. Be my guest!
– *running fingers through my hair* “ooooohhhh…. ya’ll white people’s hair is nice. I can’t ever get this springy mess to do anything like that. Look at this!” *points at her hair*
– well I would never be able to do anything like that either. I like it. Looks fun!
– “yea well all I want today is something that won’t look crazy when I go outside in this hurricane”


I say all of this for a couple reasons. The first is to point out a funny story with a funny woman. The second is to show that it is possible to have conversations where race is the central focus and people not to get offended.

Let’s realize that races and cultures are different, but avoid making it a point of contention. There’s no reason for it.
People are different.
Embrace it. And if you really can’t embrace it, deal with it.

Guest Appearance on Thinking It Through w/ Jerome Danner

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Hello my friends!
So… I’ve failed you! I was on a couple of podcasts and totally forgot to promote them here.

But hey! You know what?
Better late than never I suppose. I’ve never questioned that saying because it helps me. Lol

Anyway, I was on Thinking It Through with my buddy Jerome Danner at the end of December, and you can find that episode… HERE!

Jerome has all of the links to the things we discussed on his page, so head on over there and listen to us tear apart an article, and then address some silly pro-choice memes 🙂