About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Elijah Thompson, and I am the host of the Fetal Position podcast. I’m never really sure what to put in an “about me” section, but I know I like to know more about the host of the podcasts I listen to… so… golden rule, right?

I am a Christian theist; I have been since my 2nd year in college. My conversion story is interesting, but to summarize it briefly… I grew up in a home where we went to church, but it was relatively spotty later in my life. I never really internalized the Christian faith, and so when I had the option to select my own church, I went to the mall instead. While in college, I learned about some of the stupid things Christians believed, and went onto the internet to mock them for beliefs (like any good newly formed atheist, right? lol). I lost a bunch of arguments and ended up adopting a quasi-christian perspective for the sole purpose of winning arguments. Eventually, I embraced it as true, not merely as a pragmatic means to a shallow victory on the internet.

After that, I became obsessed with Christian apologetics. My obsession lead me to the deeper study of philosophy and metaphysics, as well as a deeper study of who we are as human beings. My study of humanity lead me to study evolution, and that introduced me to the world of biology and I fell in love with it. I changed my major to biology and minor to philosophy (after 2 years of undergrad study to be a teacher), and finished off my degree, ultimately ending up with my bachelors in biology with a minor in philosophy.
My final semester was dedicated to 3 classes; a chemistry class I didn’t really care about, an ancient philosophy class, and a bioethics class. Bioethics pushed me to study all sorts of issues like abortion, euthanasia, organ donation, and other profoundly interesting topics. And because I enjoyed biology and philosophy, bioethics was a logical next step.

And that lead me to the topic of abortion.
I had always been moderately (personally) pro-life, but didn’t care enough to take a stand on anything. Until I ran across a handful of videos and articles put out by Scott Klusendorf and a podcast put out by Josh Brahm. These guys turned my attention drastically towards the philosophical and scientific defense of the pro-life position, and I couldn’t get enough. The more I studied, the more I felt compelled to defend life as best I could. I read books/articles, watched/listened to debates, listened to podcasts, and consumed as much content as I could. After binge-listening to Life Report (Josh’s old podcast) and reaching the end of the episodes, I wanted more pro-life content but wasn’t really able to find something as philosophically robust or as thoughtful in the podcast arena.
Around this time, my brother in law and I had a podcast called Live Christianly that eventually faded out of existence, but it gave me the understanding of how to create a podcast. I wasn’t new to content creation, having been involved in a moderately popular (at the time) youtube channel, so I knew how to make stuff people liked. Plus, I had a job in marketing, so I knew how to get people to listen (well, I had an idea anyway). All of these things combined together with the fact that I was a podcast junkie lead me to an obvious conclusion:

Start a pro-life podcast.

So I did.
Here it is.
I hope you’re getting a lot out of it.
I know I am.

Thanks for reading 🙂