10 Reasons to Vote Johnson/Weld, Even Though They Suck

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This entire election season is a joke. In terms of numbers, Clinton and Trump have more disapproval than approval ratings. The libertarian party, being the most popular 3rd party, really had a chance to shine. They had the opportunity to stand as a clear, level-headed, real alternative that reasonable people on both sides could choose. The libertarian message appeals to both progressives and conservatives, while simultaneously applying a consistent principle of liberty to all areas of life. Libertarians generally want to decrease corruption, get the government out of your personal life and let you live your life the way you see fit, support the troops in the most reasonable way possible, reform failing programs (like education and health care) that will produce real results, protect our natural rights here at home, and stimulate the economy in real, meaningful, and long-lasting ways.

But we ended up with Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.
*heavy sigh*

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-10-26-43-amI can only imagine that the delegates who chose these two were thinking of name recognition and experience as successful republican governors in democrat-heavy states. And I suppose that makes sense, from a superficial perspective. Johnson and Weld view libertarianism as the best of republicanism and the best of progressivism, even if that’s not how libertarianism is meant to be understood.
Libertarianism should be seen as a consistent application of individual liberty in all areas of life, not some kind of random smattering of this and that. If we view libertarianism like that, neither Johnson or Weld are libertarians. They approach social issues like progressives, in that they favor using government force to get people to cooperate. This is not tolerance, it is totalitarianism. With Johnson’s numerous gaffes [#WhatIsAleppo #IShouldGetSmarter], he has shown himself to be less than an ideal candidate, to put it very lightly. And Weld has shown himself to be nothing more than a Hillary Clinton apologist, which is profoundly disappointing. No, Hillary Clinton is not “honest” or “a good kid”, you butt-hole.

However, even though they both suck, I am still going to vote for them.
And here’s why:

  1. I’ve heard your arguments and I’ve responded to them all.
    • A vote for a 3rd party is not actually a vote for Trump or Clinton. Trump/Clinton never had my vote, so refusing to vote for Trump/Clinton isn’t “mathematically” a vote for Clinton/Trump.
      Stop saying that.
    • The only truly wasted vote is a vote that isn’t cast. Or a vote for someone you hate. I refuse to waste my vote. If everyone “wasted their vote” this year, we could have Johnson in the White House.
    • I am not voting against Trump because he’s said mean things. I’m not voting against Clinton because she’s a woman. I’m voting against both of those idiots because they have terrible political philosophies, bad policy plans, and they’re awful people who are dragging American political discourse through the trash.
    • If Trump/Clinton really needed my vote, perhaps they should have been more libertarian.
    • The reason a 3rd party can’t win is because no one votes for a 3rd party, and the reason no one votes for a 3rd party is because a 3rd party can’t win. It’s a vicious circle. Break the cycle.
    • I am voting on principle, not for some lame, lesser-of-two-evils, pragmatic utilitarian reason.
    • Exactly how evil do the two main candidates have to be before we vote against them both?
      I choose the 2016 election.
  2. When you compare the platforms of Johnson/Weld to the platforms of the other candidates that will be on my ballot (I’m in NY, so it’s Trump/Pence, Clinton/Kaine, Johnson/Weld, and Stein/Baraka), I am much closer to Johnson/Weld than I am to any of the other ones.
  3. I have considered myself a libertarian for several years, and if I’m going to vote along “party lines”, that would be the libertarian party. That entails a vote for Johnson/Weld. I don’t consider it a “hold my nose and vote” vote, because I agree with a fair amount of what they have done and said in terms of policy proposals.
  4. Johnson/Weld will not win. I’m not stupid. However, there is a remote possibility that Johnson could win, but it is actually impossible for Weld to win. Let me explain.
    • In order to win the presidency, a candidate much get 270 electoral votes. If this doesn’t happen (because 3rd party candidates won some states), the president is chosen by the House of Representatives. They choose the president from the top 3 (which will be Trump, Clinton, & Johnson) and the vice president from the top 2 (which will be Pence & Kaine).
      It is a slim possibility, but it’s not impossible to have a Johnson/Pence white house, and that is a combination I can support without feeling violated.
  5. Johnson has said that he does not plan on running in the 2020 election, and I am so happy. Perhaps we can get a principled libertarian who is also a good communicator in for 2020. I don’t think voting against Johnson is going to send an audible message to the moronic delegates who chose him for this election.
  6. If the libertarian party gets 5% in the election, they will qualify for federal funds for elections. I’m not saying I approve of my tax dollars going towards political propaganda, but if there’s nothing we can do about the existence and purpose of the money, I’d like to see the libertarian party get some of it. This will change the way libertarians run for president, and that’s a good thing. And the libertarian party is the only party that might actually repeal the tax-dollars-for-political-campaign-propaganda crap!
  7. I am more concerned with voting against Trump and Clinton than I am with voting for Johnson. If Johnson didn’t exist, I’d likely write in Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party or cast a blank ballot. I am voting 3rd party as a protest vote against the Republican/Democrat duopoly. It is clear that neither the republicans or democrats represent anything close to what I believe.
  8. Abortion. Yes, I know. Johnson is pro-choice.
    But Johnson also recognizes that the federal government should have never gotten involved in the abortion debate, because the constitution has not explicitly given abortion to the federal government.
  9. It has been 108 years for the Cubs.
    It has been 156 years for a 3rd party candidate. #AbrahamLincoln
  10. I’ve always wanted a president without eyebrows.

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